Police arrest Ghostemane after his concert in Madrid


The Barceló room in Madrid had an unfortunate show that ends last night for a new magical performance of the legendary Ghostemane, an artist you will know very well if you follow closely the music of the underworld that he usually offers, a little Like $ UICIDEBOY $ o Pouya I think you already know where the shots go.

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A dispute with the organization of the event related to the hours of the performance was settled with a total of eight inmates, all members of Ghostemane’s group, including himself after destroying the stage and locker room. They were rather pissed. Normal

An unworthy end to a spectacular spectacle

Ghostemane’s last visit to Spanish territory ended badly. According to Europa Press, the organization of the event informed the team members that it was time to finalize the performance they were performing in the Barceló room in Madrid. After the artists’ refusal, cheered by the assistants, the concert officials ordered the security team to start evicting the audience from the room, but not until they cut the audio and turned on the lights. This caused a verbal argument that warmed the atmosphere, especially since the sound of the pickups was cut when the musicians tried to play their last song.

After this incident, the artists destroyed part of the stage and changing rooms in the hall, prompting the call of the Madrid authorities to the police, who arrived at the scene with a riot gear worthy of mention. a massive event. . The Instagram account of Trapgame brings together several videos that show a little the chronology of the event.

The performance of the hall, in question

In a video of Telemadrid, two witnesses of the event recount the origin of the incidents and the audience was still unaware of what was happening, as communication between the room and the attendants was nil.

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Let’s not forget that Ghostemane and his band are known to have broken their instruments during the show, something quite common in many bands. With respect to this idea, Kaixo expressed his discomfort with the manner of acting in a play that apparently did not or did not want to be informed of the type of performance offered by the American artist.

“Ghostemane arrested in Madrid because the Barceló theater is not used to such visceral and authentic things. In Spain, you are already arrested for making music years ago.”

For the moment, more information is unknown about the case. Ghostmane and his gang are accused of committing an offense of property damage. A day earlier, the group had no incidents in Barcelona. We will see how the facts unfold.