The new wave of emo-trap artists after the death of Lil Peep


A few months after the death of Lil Peep, the rapper of the collective Goth Boi Clique – who for years had been the biggest representative of the trend that melted the sound trap that combines SoundCloud iconic groups pop-punk Blink182 – everything seemed to say that this kind would die with him and that we would never listen to guitar samples again in a trap song.

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why you always tryna spend my money

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The result of the death of Gustav ‘Peep’ Ahr? The appearance of movements like ‘Xanarchy’ (with the jump to the glory of Lil Xan), which condemned the use of Xanax and the virtual disappearance of this genre. The emo was no longer fun or fashionable.

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they hate us cause they anus

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The emo-trap after the death of Lil Peep

Few people understood the importance of Lil Peep for the genre after his death. However, a few months later, it was confirmed that his legacy was still very present with the emergence of a new group of artists who would perpetuate the trend to use samples, guitars and melodic choruses.

The last EP of rapper Lil Aaron, titled “Rock $ tar Famou $”, was released last week. This album perfectly represents the culmination of the emo-trap style and was featured on Spotify, with one of the best pitfall launches in recent months. (Out of curiosity, the release of the album was accompanied by the marketing of its own line of merchandising, with prices in laughter, for example, t-shirts to 3.33 dollars … Everything for and for the culture.)

As if that were not enough, Aaron has told and is part of a collective – a “group of boys emo”, as they call themselves his project – called “BoyFriendz”. The group is the result of the collaboration of Lil Aaron, Smrtdeath and Lil Lotus, and their 433 million views on YouTube approve them as precursors to the resurgence of the emo.

In addition, the genre has diversified since the death of Lil Peep and many artists have dared to make their own interpretation of the fusion. Here are some examples of the new wave: Lil Tracy – who would be the inseparable friend of Peep in life, has now made an impressive leap in quality and is already preparing collaborations with Lil Uzi Green or Young Thug-, Ghostemane or $ uicideboy $ who had a good time on the emo scene and now they seem to be at their sweetest moment; Nothing, Nowhere, with his original adaptation of hardcore to the trap; Brennan Savage, who looks like a reincarnation of Lil Peep; or Shinigami, Bexey …

I leave many other artists, without going further … All the GBC collective – mentioned above – who still has rappers like Lil Tracy, Wicca Phase, ColdHeart, Mackned, HorseHead …

Anyway, everything seems to indicate that the emo has come back to stay, this time in the form of a trap. The death of Lil Peep was not the end, but the beginning of something much bigger and which, after all, is a great metaphor for the world of emo-traps.